Mary Carol has achieved a B.A. (hons) Contemporary Applied Arts, and an M.A. Art and Social Practice, and comes from a long line of creatives including, haberdashers, hairdressers, tailoress, embroiderers, weavers, spinners, knitters, art teacher and architect.

She has travelled and worked round Scotland with her husband who was a shepherd. Wherever they went it was not long before her love of all thing’s textile was known, and she became the informal custodian of many interesting items such as old patterns, collections of threads and wool as well as fabrics. She was also introduced to many craft techniques both ancient and modern.

During her M.A. studies Mary Carol fell in love with the technique of stick weaving, its simplicity and versatility, a low tech, high impact craft, ideal for today’s environmental concerns.

Mindful of the trust placed in her to use the collections gifted to her that were to precious to throw away, Mary Carol has a mission to create simple and elegant art, literally with a twist.